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First Product in the World to use Such Acoustic Sensors

Piloted in Northern Gas Networks (UK), in 2013 JD7 commercially launched its live gas insertion system capable of 100m travel. 

This technology incorporates not only high resolution CCTV camera sensors but also a highly sensitive acoustic sensor coupled with a sonde. The acoustic sensor is used for precise leak detection pinpointing in all materials and pressures. 

The system comes with JD7 software for live viewing and recording throughout surveys. This is the first product in the World to use such acoustic sensors and the results speak for themselves. The system can be used in pipes 75mm (3in.) and greater and comes with a pressure seal assembly which is extremely robust and easily attached to standard fittings, valves etc.

A 512hz high powered sonde is built into the system which is capable of penetration through metallic pipes. JD7 Gas software has been written specifically for the gas industry which allows not only real time video monitoring and recording, but also shows a detailed range of acoustic graphs to display leakage information. Various filters can be applied and the control station allows for headphones to be used to verify acoustic signatures.

The system is very powerful and extremely simple to use. Piloted by Northern Gas Networks and Balfour Beatty Utilities in the UK has ensured the system captures all industry requirements. The patented robust design of the camera head means minimal down time due to camera failures. The system is compatible with JD7LiveFeed software for maximum performance

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