Posted on 19th December 2012

New Zealand & Australia Update

Water Investigation Ltd, JD7 partners in the Australasia region continue to build on their initial success after signing a long term agreement with JD7. Since receipt of the JD7 technology recent trials in New Zealand and the Australia states of Victoria, NSW and Queensland have all been a great success.

Aquam Acquires JD7

Posted on 19th June 2014

Aquam, a world-leading clean-tech firm, and JD7, which offers pipeline assessment…

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Technology Has Helped Saved

Posted on 20th September 2013

JD7, founded by Daniel Krywyj with a bit of a leg up from utility giant Balfour Beatty,…

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Latest JD7 Newsletter

Posted on 19th April 2013

JD7 wins award for the Pipeline Industry Guild (PIG) alongside partners Morrison Utilities…

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