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Investigator Light

Ability to Inspect the Condition of Pressurized Potable Water Pipes

The JD7 Investigator LightTM is a fully integral pressurized pipe inspection and leak detection system designed for harsh environments. 

Designed for 3in. diameter pipework and above for complete asset condition examination and leak finding. Access through fire hydrants*, 1.5in. and above pressure fittings, air valves, gate valves and Quadrina’s at full mains pressure. 

The key to the technology is the ability to inspect the condition of pressurized potable water pipes without the need to isolate supplies or services. The sensors head incorporates a camera system as well as a hydrophone for leakage detection and a 512Hz sonde for pin pointing and line location. The robust design is all housed within a peli-case which includes the cable, mini laptop, switches, drive mechanism and battery making the system fully portable and durable.

Assessment and leak detection in all materials is viable with the JD7 Investigator LightTM. The software is specific for the Investigator technology and is used to control the sensor head and view both video and hydrophone results from live surveys. The software displays video in a re-sizable window and also acoustic results in order of amplitude and frequency. The software also operates the sonde which is built into the camera sensor head.

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