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Incorporating Industry Leading High Resolution Digital Camera,

The LDS1000 is a long distance trunk main live CCTV inspection and leak detection platform designed for internal investigation and leak detection work in live pipelines. 

The system utilises a tri-sensor head incorporating industry leading high resolution digital camera, focussed light system along with an internal hydrophone and sonde for mapping and leak detection. 

The system is designed to be inserted through Air Valves, tappings or pressure fittings with an internal diameter of 2in. upwards. The system uses the flow within the pipe as the driver and a selection of parachute sizes are selected based upon flow rates which sit behind the camera head to ensure maximum visibility throughout surveys. The LDS1000 is capable of insertion into pressurized pipework up to 16 bar and is reliably launched within 12in. 

(300mm) diameter and above pipework with a flow rate as low as 0.3m/s. The LDS1000 comes complete as a full package with training and all items required to implement the technology into any business. The system will not be matched with regards to both reliability and performance and has been proven in most territories around the World. The system is compatible with JD7LiveFeed software for maximum performance.

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